1. Never Sing a Melody the Same Way Bovine Joe & the Buffalo Heard 3:14
  2. Kāla Bovine Joe & the Buffalo Heard 1:34
  3. Don't Go Bovine Joe & the Buffalo Heard 3:03
  4. Totem of Infallibility Bovine Joe & the Buffalo Heard 4:28
  5. Om is Time Bovine Joe & the Buffalo Heard 4:13
  6. Clothing from February Bovine Joe & the Buffalo Heard 2:50


  • HAVE YOU HEARD THE MUSIC? Over a year in the works, ENTITLEMENT is now available for your listening pleasure!! You can receive a copy of the music, either digitally or physically, by contributing to our fundraiser here. All proceeds go towards the recording of a full-length album.


Bovine Joe & the Buffalo Heard were first corralled while attending the Butler School of Music in Austin, TX in 2010. With the advent of their debut EP "Entitlement" we get a glimpse of the well-kept secret the agrarian cattle have been harboring amongst the lush pastures of central Texas.

Many of us have grown to revere the buffalo as the quintessential image of the American west; herds roaming freely throughout the countryside; traditional Native American lifestyle in accordance with the laws of nature; pure, unadulterated soil spanning coast to coast. The Buffalo Heard, however, does little to reinforce these preconceptions. The music is anything but ordinary.

It's understandable from the contemplative mood of Bovine Joe's lyrics that he has been affected by the recent drought in the Texas hill country. But if you didn't understand English, you'd have no idea! The drought has done little to dampen the flowing waves of the arrangement nor the inundation of instrumentation.

The milk of a mother heifer is rich, creamy, and fully satisfying in and of itself. Yet man has the unique ability to milk the cow and refine the milk into variegated products such as butter, yogurt, and a whole array of delicious dishes. Similarly, the tunes of Bovine Joe, a fine product themselves, reach to even higher levels of sweetness when milked and performed with the Buffalo Heard. Vegans need not fear! "Entitlement" is not only free-range and grass-fed; but also dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, hormone-free, and pesticide-free!

Any doubts one may have as to the organic quality and natural feel of this product need only take a sample taste. It has been chewed, regurgitated, and rechewed several times by the whole Buffalo Heard ensuring maximum palatability!

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